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Be A Genuine Patriot: Read Our Founding Documents!

Be a genuine patriot: Read our founding documents! There is a lot of false patriotism out there from people supporting unpatriotic ideas! The counter to that is to feed your mind and soul on the greatness of our "Glorious Liberty Documents" and pass that on to others! Have you ever wanted to see what the Constitution, or the Declaration says about an issue, only to find that your source is filled with commentary and explanation, in other words, DISTRACTIONS from the text itself? We can help!  We have "clean" copies of our most cherished national documents, the primary documents of our founding, for your immediate use with no extras added and no commentary! Read the real thing for yourself and decide for yourself what it means. Declaration Articles Of Confederation Constitution Bill Of Rights Constitutional Amendments Proposed Amendments To The Constitution State Constitutions If you want to know what the Constitution says, read the Constitu