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TikTok, Data and Rock and Indescribable Danger!

  TikTok, Data and Rock and Indescribable Danger! Opinion The US House and Senate have voted to vote shortly to outlaw TikTok in the US because they think the Chinese are using it to gather data about and from the American people. This is a straw man. They could gather any data that could be gathered from a TikTok user in the US more efficiently from a thousand other sources. Fear of propaganda seems to be the paranoia du jour. It is an ironic twist that the world leader in free speech and free expression would be considering such a draconian anti expression step to deal with the world leader in censorship. They also think that TikTok is a bad influence on the youth of our nation in the social arena, you know, like Comic Books and like Rock and roll, which caused dancing with people of other colors and depression among teenage girls! It is a world endingly dreadful thing! Florida Senator Marco Rubio called TikTok an “indescribable danger”. I think he is right. The “danger” from TikTok