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Modern News: A Lot Of Heat, Little Light!

National Stew Can Help: Opinion Today's political news offers a lot of energy, unfortunately, it is mostly heat with very little light!  "News is what I say it is!"  Chet Huntley There is no absolute neutrality in the news. Every story has details and some details will be left out, and someone will choose which. Someone must determine which stories are covered and what news is news as our old friend Mr. Huntley reminded us so many years ago. News, like vehicles and other tools, rely on the user for safety. Determining the validity of a story and its details is the job of the individual. There are, however, a few things we can do to create better outcomes. We can choose documents and sources which are closest to primary sources such as the primary documents of our nation's founding. We can choose primary news sources such as those from which popular news sources draw their news. As an example of the latter, I would point to C-Span which has live feeds of the House, S