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Hunter Biden's Laptop, or is It?!

Hunter Biden’s laptop or is it!? A lesson in provenance. Opinion We know nothing about the hot-button issues of the day! The example of the century: What do we know? We know that someone dropped off a laptop at a repair shop, maybe. We know it eventually passed the laptop on to Rudy Giuliani, maybe. WE know that Giuliani eventually surrendered it to the FBI, maybe. We know the FBI possibly tried to prevent it from being made public, maybe. Does anyone see the problem here? Anyone? Anyone at all? We don’t know diddly squat! Why? Well, provenance! Stage 1 First, we do not know whether Hunter Biden owned the particular laptop in question or if he did, whether he dropped it off as assumed. We do not even know if a laptop was even dropped off at that location at all. If not, where did it come from and who created its content? Stage 2 Even if a laptop was delivered to that location, and the laptop did belong to Hunter Biden, and it was indeed he who delivered it, we hav